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Drupal related blog items

Obama is using Drupal

The new governmental site recovery.gov is using Drupal as their CMS.

I think this is very good news for the Drupal community and shows that Drupal is a platform that can be used in an environment that needs to be very secure and fast.

Recovery.gov website

Read more here:

Congrats to the Drupal team

I just wanted to congratulate the people on the Drupal team for making a successful update on their site.


Although there are some issues left, I know how hard it can be to upgrade such a large and complex site.

And thanks Drupal for your continued service.

Main Drupal site will be upgraded Februari 18th.

From the Drupal site:

The time has come. We are going to turn off some services on drupal.org on Wednesday February 18th, 2009 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm UTC (what time is this in your city?) to perform the upgrade of the live site from our current Drupal 5 version to Drupal 6. The downtime is important to make sure that we have all data intact for the upgrade, and new data is not added to the site while a copy of the site is being upgraded. We scheduled a four hour downtime window, so that we can make sure that everything is working properly before we launch the newly upgraded site.

Read more here (while the site isn't down): http://drupal.org/node/374078